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Degginger Floating System

Architectur Competition

First Prize

The floating system consists of elements that can be rolled up and are easy to integrate into interior spaces. They can be arranged individually and are changeable depending on the situation. Thus the wave-shaped elements create a versatile construction that can be adapted to the needs of the user and create space in many different ways. When assembled, it becomes a wall of pictures at exhibitions, a wall of bar tables at other events or rolled up to form a seating area.

The surface of the room is enlarged and at the same time a more homogeneous appearance is created. There is also a system for a bar that is completed with sliding panels, which not only provide storage space but also stability. This type of construction is also found in the wall of the bar table and the bar table element. The floating system gives the space a new form with a flowing character, inviting the visitor to rediscover the changing space with each visit.


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